Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Peace and Love

Another idea I have is to get a design on my other thigh to signify "peace" to get a "peace and love" meaning them together. I found a design I love so much by Sam Phillips.

I'm looking at this image a lot to figure out if I really love it that much or not. What I love is the face and how serene it is. I definitely like the crown, but it's not necessarily a must-have in the design for me. I feel like the dove is falling though, which I'm not sure how I feel about. I think I might prefer it to be changed to a more flying style, but then again, there's something about the bird free-falling so peacefully and confidently! It's crazy how much I like this design. Normally I'm all over the place, but this one nails it even in the colours used which are my two faves.

BUT I've been seeing this beautiful blue that I think goes so well with the colours in my heart tattoo. Not in a matching way AT ALL, in fact maybe it clashes somehow but it's just gorgeous. Here is a tattoo that has this blue colour. Maybe it's also just because this tattoo is amazing. I'm not even interested in lanterns  but the colours!!! wow. It just looks so good!

Back to this Sam Phillips design... I kind of feel like the best thing is to work with the tattoo artist to design a tattoo and get it just right. The artist will prefer to tattoo his own work, and probably does a good job at something that is his, you know? If I get a dove, I will definitely modify this image (the wings and possibly position of the dove, likely the colour, the crown might go or be replaced with a different design, I'd want to add a peace sign subtly somehow into the design). I wouldn't deny being inspired by his artwork but I wouldn't get tattooed the exact thing.

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