Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Current Ideas

I got my first tattoo almost a year and a half ago and I am ITCHING for another one! I feel a bit held back by my husband hating tattoos because out of respect I'm avoiding very visible spots that will make him upset or angry, and avoiding big pi├Ęces overall too... Still, I need to do what I want and I can't just not get a tattoo because of him. It will just be smaller and more discreet than I might otherwise choose. Little by little I hope he'll become more open because I still want a sleave and a whole bunch of others!

What I currently have as ideas for my next tattoo. I promised my husband the next would be smaller than my first one and I wouldn't add bigger than that size per year. Those are the promises I made.

  • Small yin yang on side-heel area. Probably with two other symbols, one on top of the other with the yin yang in the middle. Either two opposite triangles or a moon and sun.
  • Crescent moon middle upper back. Not sure what kind of design I'd go for.
  • Flower somewhere close and to the side from my heart.
  • Something to create context for my heart(What?)
  • Key with a long-ish flowy ribbon attached that has my kids' names on it.
  • Something to represent peace on the other lower thigh (peace and love).
  • Patch tag in her memory
red = top idea

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