Monday, 20 January 2014

Touch-Up Done

Why do we get tattoos touched up? Because there's something that needs to be fixed! I would dare to say, even if it's my first tattoo, that it's not normal to come out of there with imperfections that didn't exist before...

Well, that's kind of what happened to me with my touch-up... I'm not upset though for multiple reasons.

Mainly because it's small things that don't show unless I put my knee up near my face to examine, so it won't show to others either... I would have liked a tattoo that was practically impeccable but this is life. Also, I got along really well with my tattoo artist and I really like him as a person and I know he didn't botch it, he just needs a bit more experience to tidy up these little things. Also, he worked with my idea and came up with a perfect design suited to me and I find the idea, placement and general look of it just perfect anyways.

Here it is 1 day post-touch up:

Looking pretty good, right?? The patchiness in the lighter red of the heart is gone (other than a little part in the bottom point which still looks a tiny bit patchy to me), the turquoise I wanted fixed is all good now too. The things that are not completely perfect that WERE before is two little parts of red that seem to fall outside the outline but can't be seen on this quality of picture... And same problem with some red in one of the leaves. 

A couple little things that were not perfect before but either can't be touched up or I didn't mention it out of not wanting to be too picky is a couple spots where the outline doesn't quite touch the other part of the outling perfectly, a line in one of the petals that can be noticed because the yellow is more intense in that part than the rest (or maybe the problem is that the yellow is not intense enough in the other parts of it), and a small black dot which is a mistake in the outline. 

Only a first time tattooed person would spend time thinking and writing about these unimportant things, but this is all I have to work with, I only have ONE tattoo! hahaha

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