Thursday, 9 January 2014

Getting a Touch-Up on a New Tattoo

I got my tattoo about 6 weeks ago and I think I need a small touch up. I called and the tattoo artist who answered told me it's not a problem, their work is guaranteed and I just need to come in to book a time with my tattoo artist to fix the thing.

I guess I'm a perfectionist, I only have 1 tattoo and I want it to be just awesome. I was extremely careful during healing, following instructions with some small educated modifications (like not using polysporin multiple times a day but only once after day 1, for only a couple days). I washed it as recommended, moisturized it all the time, etc.

It healed beautifully!

The first thing I would like corrected is the "patchiness" of the red part of the heart, I feel I can see my skin colour through the red. Here's a picture where you should be able to see what I mean, but it is more pronounced in real life:

The second thing is 2 small spots in the turquoise that are skin-coloured. I remember one of them having what looked like a small pimple right after my tattoo session so it probably contributed to the ink not staying there. I think it was a razor-caused skin irritation. The second spot is on the other side of the flower where I was so much more sensitive overall, and it healed much slower than the rest of the tattoo. The skin was probably just weaker there or something.

In this picture, the turquoise bald spot can BARELY be seen because of the light reflexion, near the leaf on the left side, it's much brighter than the rest of the turquoise... In real life, it's skin coloured. 

I'll update after the fixes to let you guys know how it went :)

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