Thursday, 12 September 2013

Written before my consultation appointment was made but not posted.

I want a tattoo more than ever but the indecisive side of my personality is keeping me from committing to a design. I'm kind of flip-flopping from one idea to another, not sure which should be my first tattoo and very unsure about placement.

Other than indecisiveness, this is the next leading cause of my virgin body.

My husband is against tattoos - hates them. It's a religious big deal for him so it's more than just not caring for them or not finding it attractive. As much as I want to respect him and not upset him, it's my body and my life. I respect his religious convictions and I don't stand in the way of them and I also do things a certain way out of respect for his religious beliefs when it's not something I have strong feelings about. For example, I don't wear tank tops out of the house and I don't generally drink any alcohol, and never with him. It's not a big deal for me. But having tattoos is something that is important to me and I came to the conclusion that it was my choice to make and that never considering it because of someone else's feelings about them, even if it's a close relation like my husband, would leave me feeling suffocated.

All of that to get to the point that I am trying to be subtle with my placement, choosing a place that my husband would not see much. Since he's my intimate partner, it's not the same as finding a place that is easily hidden from parents and workplace (like shoulder, back, thighs, tops of arms, hip, etc)... And my conclusion about placement is that the place he would pretty much never see or notice is my ankles or feet, or the back of my calf.

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