Friday, 7 June 2013

What do I like?

What do I look for in a tattoo, aesthetically and for concept?

  • I like colour.
  • I like tattoos that look cool from up close, and ALSO look cool from further back even when you can't see every detail or even tell exactly what it is.
  • I like cute and feminine things.
  • I like meaningful tattoos.
  • I do not like long text.
  • I prefer not to tattoo names on my body, though I'd make an exception for my children. I chose the names afterall so I not only love them, but I find the names themselves beautiful!
  • I would not want to tattoo the image of a person on myself.
  • I like shapes and geometic patterns.
  • I like neat, crisp lines and shapes over more artsy representations.
  • I am more interested in arm and leg tattoos than back, shoulder, hip tattoos.
  • For a sleeve, I like the idea of smaller tattoos united with an interesting pattern more than a large scene-type tattoo.
  • The main themes that I am working with are: my kids, unity, balance, feminine energy, cuteness/makes-me-smile, my beloved dog

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