Sunday, 23 June 2013

Societal Issues... Discrimination, Body Shaming and Slut Shaming

Some things have come up while I looked up tattoo ideas, read articles, watched video blogs, followed Facebook groups. I wanted to talk about some of those things here now.

First, the discrimination that people with visible tattoos can face...

When it comes to being heavily tattooed, I'm so happy that it has grown in acceptance because of the current popularity of tattoos. Most people do not wish to be heavily tattooed but now that so many people have at least one tattoo, and most people know and respect a person who has a tattoo, it's easier to see a heavily tattooed person the same way any other person. Discrimination still seems to be a huge problem in everyday treatment and employment prospects and I can't say how against this I am! I do NOT believe that tattoos fall into "dress code" category. They become a permanent part of a person. I agree to having boundaries of what an employer can refuse to accept, but I believe that in general, there should be rights protecting people with tattoos, including neck and hand tattoos, discreet facial tattoos, as long as the "content" is appropriate (hateful words, blood and gore, etc are not appropriate for any public job).

A tattooed person can work as well as a non-tattooed person and I believe that this is nothing else than fact. Doesn't everyone know of some regular-looking, super average person who just doesn't do the job very well? You have great workers and not-so-great workers and you'll find that they're hard to stereotype, even though we definitely do stereotype them. Let's make a conscious effort not to!

Next: Body shaming and slut shaming

Two other problems are body shaming and slut shaming. I put these together since they mostly affect women. This problem is MUCH MUCH larger than being related to tattoos, but I'll stick to the topic I intended for now.

Women with lower back tattoos, now known as the "tramp stamp"... I HATE THAT. You're no more a "tramp" because of the placement of a tattoo and no one should judge. I hear women referring to their lower back tattoos as tramp stamps and it's just sad to see that they feel the need to jump on the bandwagon and encourage this sexist crap. We don't have to sit there and take it, we are allowed to stand up and say that we got a lower back tattoo and we're not tramps because of it. I know most people say this phrase in a joking way, but it's not a joke. The more people say these things, the more ashamed we become. Now that lower back tattoos are referred to in this way most women stay away from lower back tattoos even if it's a perfectly good place for a tattoo. We don't want to be judge. And we shouldn't be.

Hopefully we can all grow a little and become more aware of these issues and our part of the problem, AND the solution.

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