Monday, 10 June 2013

R.I.P Shannon Larratt

Some of you might not know who Shannon Larratt was. I didn't recognize the name until just recently but his work has had an affect on me. Shannon Larratt is the founder of BMEzine, a website that most people have at least visited. I sure did especially some years ago as a teenager. On BME I learned so much about body modifications and my love for body mods grew from this community. It was a balance of pictures, stories, information and a community "feel". I wouldn't consider myself a part of the community really, but I lurked and just through that I was able to open my view on body modification and self-expression.

Shannon Larratt died on March 15, 2013 of what seems like a suicide/self-inflicted euthanasia following a fight with a debilitating genetic disease... You can read his post-mortem post here:

I wanted to bring attention to this part here:

But I do believe that there were fundamental shortcomings in the way both my condition and my pain was treated, and that the last few years could have been much more pleasant if the pain had been more aggressively managed. I believe this was in part because of the prejudice of multiple doctors due to my appearance causing them to stereotype me as drug seeking (and the simple reality is that it can be hard to tell, and we are so cruel as to prefer to “punish” the sick than to “reward” the mentally ill). I wish there was some way to make those doctors understand the cruelty they enacted.

It's heartbreaking to think that someone had to live in extreme pain, unable to get enough medication to alleviate their suffering, because of fear doctors have of giving a prescription to an addict. He also talks about "right to die" legislation:

It is my strong believe that if I had known that there was a “safe”, pain-free way for me to go at a time of my choosing, hopefully at home surrouded by love, it would have brought me not just enormous peace, but I believe would have given me strength to fight this even longer than I have.

I've always been 100% in favour of legalizing and having a good structure set up for people in situations of unbearable suffering who wish to end their lives. Why have them committ suicide when we have the power to help them "go" in a peaceful manner, it's inhumane as far as I'm concerned.

To conclude this post, my thoughts and prayers go to Shannon Larratt and his family and friends in what must still be a difficult time for them, and I thank him for what he has contributed.

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