Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Is this a little bit Silly?

This is kind of silly, but it's fun. Here is a list of tattoos I can imagine myself having. Obviously tattooing is a gradual process and so many things influence what you want to get and what you end up getting, so this really is just for the fun of it - I don' think I will really end up with exactly these, but it'll be interesting to see which ideas stick and "make it".

It's also interesting as a planning tool to realize that some ideas might overlap and only one design can be tattooed on a particular body area and that it might clash with something else we plan to get nearby.

I see myself with:

- A portrait of my dog (deceased 5 years ago) on my left top, front thigh, in black and grey but with a coloured border/frame.

- Two peonies, one on each shoulder roundness, about the size of a small fist, pink.

- A phrase for my kids, or their names, with a small red love heart. On the inner top arm (would be readable if I'm doing a "flexing my bicep" pose)

- A bee with a love heart included in the design, not realistic, more symmetrical style (where?).

- Squares together to form a rectangle with some childhood game/TV memories like Mario Bros mushroom, Sailor Moon something, Aladdin something... Maybe on my right inner arm, same as my the phrase I described above but other arm.

- A mandala on my top middle back

- Mandala on my elbow area, or maybe mid-top lower arm

- Something incorporating Young Babe and Sweet Poe, nicknames for my kids.

- Heart locket with keys, right now the idea is on the back right calf

- Two triangles, one facing up, one facing down, at the back of my arm above the elbows, one on each arm (when my arms are rested and you're looking from the back, they are straight at you). The triangles would be empty I think, but would have something like flowers or swirls or clouds or bird silhouettes behind them so that they "pop".

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