Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Heart Locket and Key Tattoos

I'm considering getting a heart locket with 2 keys as a tattoo to represent my kids and my love for them. I would want a love heart tattoo no matter what - there's nothing more important in life than love! :) So for me this design is overall very appealing.

I want my first tattoo on my legs, preferably the back of the calf, maybe the side, or maybe my foot/feet. It's not my favourite place, but I want a place that will be easy to hide from my husband and hard to be "in his face" because he dislikes tattoos so much. Arms, my favourite place for tattoos, are out of the question for right now. I also think that I will be better at selecting what I want from a tattoo with time and I will be able to put that stuff on my arms later.

My ideas are a bit all over the place:

- Should the heart locket and keys be together as part of the same design, maybe kept together with a ribbon?
- Should the heart locket be on one leg and the keys on the other?
- Is the calf or foot really a good place to put this design?

Ideas for key personalisation:

- For my son's key, I like the idea of green and turquoise stars in the top of it, the same colour as his baby blankey.
- For my daughter's key, something extra feminine, maybe flowery. Maybe a heart. I tell her often that she needs to have love in her heart at all times and she really is such a loving person, it flows from her.

Here are some pictures I found online (please Google Image search it for more info, it's straight from Google searches) with what I think of them:

I think I like the flow of this, the placement of the keys as neat and "right", even if not symmetrical and perfect

I like the placement even though I won't get a tatto here yet. I think the key is not big enough. First, I want it to be noticeble, but also it's simply too small for the keyhole in the locket!

I love the little jewel up top, and the flowers around it, though I would prefer a better match for colours. The detailing is really nice inside and around the heart, I like it!

I like the pattern inside the locket, and I would want heart-like key shapes too. The initials are a nice touch, obviously these two keys represent someone, like what I want. I find it all too symmetrical though and it's too many knots for the ribbon. One on each initial and one each on the locket...

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