Thursday, 25 May 2017

Stretched lobes update

By October 2016 (a year and a half in) I got to 0 gauge finally!

At some point I lost a tunnel and just had them fully out for over a month. Recently put them back in and was able to put 6g relatively easily. A week in, 4g easily for one ear and not as easily for the other. Then after another week I put 2g in the easy ear and found that my difficult ear was bleeding when I removed the tunnel. I think it had gotten a bit stuck on the tunnel and I guess I should've eased it out so that was my fault.

Currently my difficult ear (the left) is at 4g and my right ear is at 2g. I still want to get to 00g (10mm) whenever possible but I won't be due for a stretch for a couple weeks minimum and will have to tape and go gradual.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Stretched Lobes

I love the look of stretched earlobes with nice jewelry in it, and personally I don't hate the look of a healthy naked stretched lobe where you can see through it. It's a little less "cool" when the lobe is unhealthy or too thin though, gotta say.

I decided to stretch my ears in March or April and got myself a kit with sizes 14g to 00g with tapers and did my first stretch early April (14g). It was a weird feeling with a little bit of tingling heat when I put in my 14g tunnels.

I've been a little bit impatient since, sizing up to 12g after 1 week, 10g after 1 week and 8g after another week. They were easy stretches though that just slid right in mostly and I was able to remove the tunnels to clean them in depth almost right away without any issues putting them back in (no real need for tapers).

Going to 6g though... a different story! I knew that 1 week between stretches was not ideal and normal but again, in my impatience to get this done, I tried after about 2 weeks. It was not going in at all -- AT ALL. I decided to try and stretch it little by little with the taper every couple days from the back and the front without going all the way through, to hopefully loosen it up. After nearl 1 month at 8g, I pushed a little harder and got the taper fully through... But seriously, it was not painless- it was not just a slight tingling and it was a MISTAKE!

My secound ear was more stubborn and I felt the need to get that one done too at the very same time, so I pushed quite hard to get the taper through and it hurt... I slept with the tapers in that night because I was sure I wouldn't be able to get the tunnels in because of how tight it still was... The next morning, I got the tunnels in just fine, but there was a burning sensation and throbbing, and it was still present a couple days later... Proof that this was seriously not a good idea!!

I noticed that one ear was emitting clear fluid and I decided to sanitize it and there was actual blood. THAT was it for that ear and I downsized back to 8g which is where it's at now. The other ear feels good at 6g about 2 weeks later but I have no plans on trying to shove 4g in there, none AT ALL for a while. If close to a month was not enough last time, then I'm not even thinking about it until both ears have been at 6g for a month and a half... I will wait until my smaller ear can take 6g without the taper before starting the "countdown".

People, be careful about your stretching and see it as a lifelong investment! If you want to be able to wear your ears naked and look good (which you no doubt will do at some point if you keep them for years and years), you need to take it slow. Good luck!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Peace and Love

Another idea I have is to get a design on my other thigh to signify "peace" to get a "peace and love" meaning them together. I found a design I love so much by Sam Phillips.

I'm looking at this image a lot to figure out if I really love it that much or not. What I love is the face and how serene it is. I definitely like the crown, but it's not necessarily a must-have in the design for me. I feel like the dove is falling though, which I'm not sure how I feel about. I think I might prefer it to be changed to a more flying style, but then again, there's something about the bird free-falling so peacefully and confidently! It's crazy how much I like this design. Normally I'm all over the place, but this one nails it even in the colours used which are my two faves.

BUT I've been seeing this beautiful blue that I think goes so well with the colours in my heart tattoo. Not in a matching way AT ALL, in fact maybe it clashes somehow but it's just gorgeous. Here is a tattoo that has this blue colour. Maybe it's also just because this tattoo is amazing. I'm not even interested in lanterns  but the colours!!! wow. It just looks so good!

Back to this Sam Phillips design... I kind of feel like the best thing is to work with the tattoo artist to design a tattoo and get it just right. The artist will prefer to tattoo his own work, and probably does a good job at something that is his, you know? If I get a dove, I will definitely modify this image (the wings and possibly position of the dove, likely the colour, the crown might go or be replaced with a different design, I'd want to add a peace sign subtly somehow into the design). I wouldn't deny being inspired by his artwork but I wouldn't get tattooed the exact thing.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Next Tattoo

I've officially got tattoo fever... I talked to my husband about it to find out which placement of the ones I had in mind would bother him less. At that point I had 3 main ideas.

1) Some flowers on my shoulder area (on my back) with a small bee, something that I could eventually add to and get the front-shoulder flower I've been wanting for a long time. I just wanted to get the style and colours right before I went for such a visible tattoo, and the back part of the shoulder would've been good for that because if it wasn't perfect, I wouldn't see it all that often myself. I was going with the idea of muted colours like you see here:

2) Foot tattoo, one of them to begin with. A flower, probably a rose, in the same type of style that you see in the above picture, taking up a good portion of the foot. This would be with the idea of adding the other foot eventually, perhaps a different colour, perhaps one for mom, one for dad... OR the flower with somehow added in, my dog's silver bone tag and maybe another tag with 93-08, the years she was alive. Something filling the foot like this does:

3) *Something* near my existing tattoo. What I really really want someday, and it could be on the other thigh, is a portrait of my dog in b&g but with a coloured border and some interest... But that is too big for my husband to accept right now... The idea to do something here is because this placement might bother him less since there's already something there. So my idea is a bee right above the heart I already have, which is a concept I've wanted for a while. Originally I wanted a bee with a heart in it, to mean, "Be love" as well as being a bee which I like both visually and for real, and cute which I want in my tattoos. Now that I have a heart, I would just get the bee in the style that I want, and the "love" is already just below! These two are my favourites inspirations:

Turns out my husband is most accepting of getting a tattoo near my other one, so a bee it is! I will let the idea simmer for a few weeks and go from there :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Current Ideas

I got my first tattoo almost a year and a half ago and I am ITCHING for another one! I feel a bit held back by my husband hating tattoos because out of respect I'm avoiding very visible spots that will make him upset or angry, and avoiding big pi├Ęces overall too... Still, I need to do what I want and I can't just not get a tattoo because of him. It will just be smaller and more discreet than I might otherwise choose. Little by little I hope he'll become more open because I still want a sleave and a whole bunch of others!

What I currently have as ideas for my next tattoo. I promised my husband the next would be smaller than my first one and I wouldn't add bigger than that size per year. Those are the promises I made.

  • Small yin yang on side-heel area. Probably with two other symbols, one on top of the other with the yin yang in the middle. Either two opposite triangles or a moon and sun.
  • Crescent moon middle upper back. Not sure what kind of design I'd go for.
  • Flower somewhere close and to the side from my heart.
  • Something to create context for my heart(What?)
  • Key with a long-ish flowy ribbon attached that has my kids' names on it.
  • Something to represent peace on the other lower thigh (peace and love).
  • Patch tag in her memory
red = top idea

Monday, 20 January 2014

Touch-Up Done

Why do we get tattoos touched up? Because there's something that needs to be fixed! I would dare to say, even if it's my first tattoo, that it's not normal to come out of there with imperfections that didn't exist before...

Well, that's kind of what happened to me with my touch-up... I'm not upset though for multiple reasons.

Mainly because it's small things that don't show unless I put my knee up near my face to examine, so it won't show to others either... I would have liked a tattoo that was practically impeccable but this is life. Also, I got along really well with my tattoo artist and I really like him as a person and I know he didn't botch it, he just needs a bit more experience to tidy up these little things. Also, he worked with my idea and came up with a perfect design suited to me and I find the idea, placement and general look of it just perfect anyways.

Here it is 1 day post-touch up:

Looking pretty good, right?? The patchiness in the lighter red of the heart is gone (other than a little part in the bottom point which still looks a tiny bit patchy to me), the turquoise I wanted fixed is all good now too. The things that are not completely perfect that WERE before is two little parts of red that seem to fall outside the outline but can't be seen on this quality of picture... And same problem with some red in one of the leaves. 

A couple little things that were not perfect before but either can't be touched up or I didn't mention it out of not wanting to be too picky is a couple spots where the outline doesn't quite touch the other part of the outling perfectly, a line in one of the petals that can be noticed because the yellow is more intense in that part than the rest (or maybe the problem is that the yellow is not intense enough in the other parts of it), and a small black dot which is a mistake in the outline. 

Only a first time tattooed person would spend time thinking and writing about these unimportant things, but this is all I have to work with, I only have ONE tattoo! hahaha

Monday, 13 January 2014

Husband Hates Tattoos

How important is personal freedom and how important is maintaining the peace in a relationship? How much compromise should there be by a person when it comes to his or her own personal decisions that don't have any real impact on the other partner?!

My husband hates tattoos as I've mentioned before. Especially since it's for religious reasons, he feels like he has more than just the right to an opinion, he feels I have the obligation to listen to him. I tried telling him that this was important enough for me that I would get one someday and could not accept to have this choice taken away from me. I wanted him to at least accept the idea that I would get one so that from there we could discuss a possible design and placement and get to compromise. A smaller design than I would ideally want and a subtle placement. I didn't want to upset him but I didn't want to be controlled either.

After consideration on the above question, I guess my answer was that personal freedom is quite important (when it doesn't oppress others) and I decided to get my tattoo with no real consideration for him since he had no consideration for my position and my rights as an individual. It's pretty big (size of a palm) and though it's not visible on a day to day basis since I wear pants or capris, it IS visible if I'm standing before him naked. It's a heart with a flower in it, centred right above my left knee.

At this present moment, 6 weeks later, I still feel I made the right choice in putting myself first and doing what I wanted. I'm in love with my tattoo, I feel happy with what I got and where and I have no regrets. I was left feeling extremely guilty after I got it and for the 3 days it took for me to muster up the courage to tell my husband. A lot of it was fear at his reaction but some part of it was guilt at going behind his back - this is not exactly good in a marriage and it hurt the trust between us a little bit. I couldn't have done it otherwise though which is why I maintain that I have NO REGRETS. It just sucks to have been put in that position.

My husband seems to have accepted that I have this and that it's not going anywhere. He went through the stages of grief.

- I need to tell you something. I got a tattoo.
- No you didn't...
- I did.
- No.... You didn't get one!
- But I did.

- Your tattoo is disgusting, admit that you couldn't have chosen a more awful and hideous design and that it looks like shit!

- I will pay for it, I don't care! But we will get the guy to colour it back to your skin colour!!
- You can't tattoo beige over these colours, it will not go back to regular skin.
- There are other ways, we will see professionals on removing this, however they do it! Whatever the cost!

-OMG our marriage is over, I'm single again, her skin will always be coloured in that spot, I will never see beige above her left knee again, I can't believe this is happening!

- OK, she's still the same person, I don't see the tattoo that often. I can get over this, life continues!